First zapped by X-rays as a fetus, then struck by lightning at the tender age of four, and finally fed on a steady diet of sci-fi/fantasy novels, genre movies and television, videogames, comic books, Saturday morning cartoons, anime and manga, and role-playing games as a youth,  the man who would be king   Abner Senires eventually grew up into a wombat   a tea cosy   a strange little brown man.

He  has now waged war on   has laid siege to   laid an egg   specializes in character voices for commercials, animation, and videogames.

Since 2008 he has been featured in more than 30 audiodrama podcasts playing everything from a beat cop to a galactic government agent, from a snarky demon to a gigantic pair of sentient eyeballs.

He confesses to being a sci-fi/fantasy/movie/genre TV/comic book/RPG/anime/manga fan.
One day he hopes to become a firetruck.   He has never stayed at a Holiday Inn Express.

He lives  in his own deranged imagination   just outside Seattle, WA.