First zapped by X-rays as a fetus, then struck by lightning at the tender age of three, and finally fed on a steady diet of sci-fi/fantasy novels, genre movies and television, videogames, comic books, Saturday morning cartoons, anime and manga, and role-playing games as a youth,  the man who would be king   Abner eventually grew up into a wombat   a tea cosy   a strange little brown man.

He lives  in his own deranged imagination   just outside Seattle, WA.


"...a rollercoaster ride..."
Valerie Bentivegna, Comedian

"....a genuinely entertaining, bizzare, unique voice...."
—Russ Kauffroath, Comedian

"I thought I was gonna piss my pants."
—Drew Renquest, Comedian

"When society has collapsed, Abner will be our cultural chronicler of the Before Times."
Andy Iwancio, Comedian

"What the hell did I just watch?"
—John Ludwig, Comedian