The Crimson Crooner who brings you THE ANISONS OF MY YOUTH, Abner performs covers of "classic" and "favorite" anisons from such shows as MACROSS, YAMATO, RANMA 1/2, GETTER ROBO, BUBBLEGUM CRISIS, SAKURA WARS, AH! MY GODDESS, and others while dressed in lounge singer attire. His music combines a love for creative performance in a retro-aesthetic with a deep appreciation of anime and anime songs.

Or, put another way, if Michael Bublé sang anime song covers, it would look like this.

His first anime was FORCE FIVE: STARVENGERS (English-dubbed compilation movie of GETTER ROBO G), circa 1982, and he's been hooked on anime ever since.

A day spent in the karaoke open mic lounge at SakuraCon 2022 inspired him to combine his love for anime and anime songs, and singing and performing, and the rest, as they say, is rock and roll history.

He lives near Seattle.

IMAGE COLOR: Crimson (#881125)


ME: Hello, Abneteers!
RESPONSE: Hello, Abner-Aniki!
ME: What do you want to hear today?
RESPONSE: Anison no natsukashii!
ME: Sugoi! Sa te, jyunbi wa OK?
RESPONSE: Haaaaaiiiiiii! (drawn out)
ME: Minna-san, se no--!
ALL: (turn torso to the right, then turn back to the front and make "finger guns" gesture with both hands)